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Table Top Christmas House

After looking at the book, The Night Before Christmas, illustrated by Niroot Puttapipat, Melissa commissioned me to do a tabletop of their house. She sent me pictures of their home, and the various details of it that her family enjoyed. She also sent me pictures of her dear daughter.

The materials in this project included: white acid free watercolor paper; black acid free watercolor paper; pen and ink; watercolors; beads; holograms; black rhinestone jets; 14K gold chain; 23K gold leaf; and a small opal.
  This shows better the deckled shutters, torn from black acid free watercolor paper, the inked slats, the hand cut windows, and the 3 dimensial effect of the layering.   




Here you can see a better view of the gold lantern, chain, and opal.
  Close-up of front door with lantern and chain.      


This is the left side before I colored it, showing the master bedroom, livingroom, and breakfast room.

  After doing the watercolor, the beads, holograms, black jets, and gold leaf.  

  Mice in the attic sleeping in a sardine tin with stockings hung on the beam.  


The child's room, the Kitchen and Diningroom.
    Master Bedroom, Livingroom, and Breakfast Room.  
  Showing how the project sits on the table.      
  The rocking horses (there is one on each side), have jets for eyes.      
    The candles have holograms for flames, stockings and tree are watercolored, the tree has beads, and the angel has a gold leaf halo.