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Watercolors from Lexington

Lexington Papercuttings

Opening Night at Studio Eleven in Lexington

Over a year ago, I was approached by Vickie Goodhart about having my work shown in her gallery. She suggested that people would be most interested in the ironwork in Lexington. I traveled to Lexington a number of times to look at the gates and admire the scenery. I created twenty papercuttings, and eight watercolor postcards for this exhibition. The papercuttings are mostly of gates from The Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery and details from the ornate fences there. I also did some papercuttings of gates in town. Many of the papercuttings have black onyx cabochons, faceted black jets, and 23K gold leaf adornments. Some are on more than one level. The postcards are what I saw walking around the charming town. I painted them, wrote messages on the back, then mailed them back to Staunton. I took a photo of the backs which shows the message and the Lexington postmark.



Outside the Gallery.


Opening Night at Studio Eleven

with Vickie Goodhart, Gallery Owner 



  Looking into the Gallery through the front window.


At the entrance, a book on Ironwork.