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Exhibition - Agora Gallery


415 West Broadway, 5th Floor

SOHO New York, NY 10012

Influence and Innovation

Opening Reception: August 22, 2002

Exhibition Dates: August 20 - September 10, 2002

Phone: 212-226-4151
  The work on exhibition here includes the Mausoleum of James Monroe, Northwestern University, Westminster Abbey, and the Statuary Vista from the Norfolk Botanical Garden. (In order, and as seen in background.)  
  From left to right: Ms. Angela Di Bello, Director; Ms. Barbara Buckingham, artist; Ms. Feroline Pavone, Exhibition Coordinator; and Dr. Michael Bowermaster, husband of the artist.  


Opening Night


  Finally, my friend, Andrea Kennington, and I collaborated to create a piece of art together. Andrea is a fine metal smith who does beautiful jewelry. The piece is a brooch of both the East Gates and the West Gates, and is of gold, paper and other magical things.  
  The Collaborative Piece